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The grand prize winner Robert, from Parramatta, Western Sydney, received a call from the lottery official. He was shocked and said thank you incoherently to the staff. Until a long time later, he still found it incredible. After playing lottery for so man

A funeral was being held in the crematorium at the time of the incident, and a total of about 100 people attended. It was raining heavily, and many people attending the funeral were standing under the roof of the building to take shelter. The roof suddenl

Almost all of the salaries of Indian librarians for 35 years have been donated to charities. I did not expect that there are such great people in India! This Indian administrator is 73 years old. He has worked for 35 years and has donated almost all his s

A 65-year-old good-hearted lady in India adopted more than 400 stray dogs by picking up tatters. There is an old lady Pratima Devi in ​​India who is 65 years old and has been relying on picking up tatters to make ends meet. Later, when she saw stray dogs…